Evergreen Morning-Star Pharmaceuticals Ind. Ltd.

We are a sequel of a lofty but passionate dream to develop quality products in Africa that TRUMPS those of the industrialized countries. From the GetGo, the company has invested and installed a State-Of-The-Art and ultra-modern factory complex and accoutrements to perfect this objective. The company is also focused on local job creation and economic empowerment of Nigeria’s Indigenous people, demonstrated by sitting the factory at Ndi-Owerri, Orlu in Imo State Nigeria.
Our Strength is an amalgam derived from global exposure, accessibility, network that is essential for funding, quality raw materials, innovation, and budget. Our varied product line – tablets, capsules, powders, ointments, creams, and liquids – on day one, is a testament to our stature.

To become an Industry wide Benchmark in Sub Saharan Africa.

To produce high quality and yet affordable pharmaceutical products and allied medical products and services through the adoption of modern technology and global best practices to address health care problems.

Core Value:
Our core values are performance-based and follow from best practices of excellence. To achieve these goals, we are committed to utilizing our global exposure and outreach to ensure continuous innovation and improvement.

Company Goals and Objectives

We aim at revolutionizing drug production in Africa based on experience accumulated from the Industrialized world. Evergreen product lines have been carefully chosen to address Africa’s poor health care. The innovative R&D will also focus on recognizing needs and demands beyond Africa to critical for industrializing Nigeria. We are well aware of the endemic challenges in Nigeria perpetrated by artists of adulteration of counterfeit drug products. To this end, we have layers of security and to confirm the authenticities of the Evergreen Brand. We have also established a poison control department at Evergreen that will identify our products and their toxicities by identifying prints on the capsule shells and tablets using databases similar to those available in the Western world.